Agenda of Taming Delhi Journalists

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe liberal journalist is this regime’s No.2 enemy. And dividing the media is a work in progress. Some have been turned. Others are being targeted. Among the second lot are national English newspapers packed with Lutyen’s Delhi journalists of the “liberal clique”. A probe, for Different Truths. The conservative right in the country values ‘true […]

Gordan Ćosić: A Visual Author of Life and Times

Reading Time: 9 minutesTatjana interviewed Gordan Ćosić, an eminent artist, illustrator, designer, and photographer, from Serbia, exclusively for Different Truths.  Gordan Ćosić, a renowned Serbia-based artist, and photographer, authors his life and times visually. His works represent a microcosm of his creative world.  Tatjana Debeljački interviews him for Different Truths. What are your hometown childhood memories?   I […]

Delhi Metro: An Eye-opening Picture of Sick Journalism

Reading Time: 4 minutesSuspicious to a fault, journalists have a questioning mind. Some even questionable minds. Hacks at heart, they hack into lives without a ‘May I?’ These days of Social Media they are prone to lay out in public domain questionable stories. Here’s a critique of the media and journalists, for Different Truths. Some journalists are pinheads. […]

Indigenous Publishing Industry under Threat from eBooks

Reading Time: 2 minutesWith the advent of e-publishing, there has been a sharp decline in the traditional publication of books. Many peoples are getting e-books. This has plunged the publishing industry into an abysmal state, opines Manthena, exclusively for Different Truths. Publishers in India are facing a crisis. The dearth of the prospects of printing has been the […]