The Magic for My Soul

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Farheen is a moon lover. Her endless monologues with the moon made her realise that her secrets are well-guarded. A selenophile, she likes all the eight phases of the moon. Her communion with the moon holds the magic of her soul. Read more about it, exclusively in Different Truths.

How Oscar Wilde rightly said, “I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.”

Nothing is impossible for the people who dream, not necessarily one must realise his or her dream.

I am a moon lover. I started loving the moon because it was faithful, it was in attendance every day to listen to see, listen, and to care for me. My endless monologues with the moon have made me realise that my secrets are well-guarded. I am a selenophile, so I like all the eight phases of the moon. To me, these phases are like ivory carved for each day. Euphoria; when I think of a jaunt to the moon, almost close, in fact, right there.

The fabric with millions of diamanté embossed on it. The whole space is glittering, peace and a sense of elevation. I will etch the worldly worries to a magnet that would keep them placed for at least some time. The contentment this trip will exude is beyond words.

This world, 384,400 km away from earth, has different parameters to exist than the ones on earth.

The place where the wind loves to play with my hair and some 88 constellations huddle to meet me. The Stardust infuses me to live longer. That world caresses me as a passionate lover.

The celebrations out there for me are incomparable. There each element performs and the balance is maintained.

The serenity, collaboration among each element, and the feeling of oneness to be able to keep everything in balance, tells a beautiful story.

How I wish I belonged there forever. To see, believe, and experience that is indescribable. It soothes my achy heart and here my heart follows its rhythm and starts its lub-dub-dub, lub-dub-dub.

This madness, I yearn for always and not the riches, diamonds, and the castles. I feel like a nomad longing to visit each galaxy and living my life there.

In so much of worldly clutter, where at times, we don’t find solace, there is a place I visit, experience and celebrate myself, to get peace and gain myriad and abstract experiences.

I have found my stairway to happiness, despite living on this worry-land, have you?

©Farheen Viquas

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