Choose Solitude this Valentine’s Day

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Here are five awesome reasons why staying single rocks. Have you considered dating yourself? Sehar shows us the benefits of being single and loving our own selves in this interesting write-up.

Managing crazy work schedules, planning client meetings, making presentations, cooking food when the maid doesn’t turn up, washing clothes, etc. are just to name a few things youngsters living independently in metropolitan cities have to deal with. Most of us these days use our smart phones to put reminders, make to-do lists and mark important dates in the calendar. Let us be honest, a majority of us end up not being able to reach the end of our to-do list.

Relationships in a city where five days of a week are majorly spent in an office cubicle or in a conference room can definitely be challenging. It’s the month of February and the colour red is all over the market, stores, shopping malls and streets of the city. Well we thank Capitalism for it! Anyway, moving on, the month of February is celebrated all over the world as a month of love and romance. February 14 is celebrated as Valentine’s Day all across the globe. Young or old, people from every age bracket, celebrate this day in order to express their love to that special one. Red balloons, red velvet cake, red wine, love cards, gifts, perfumes, chocolates, teddy bears can be seen adoring the glass shelves of every store in the market.

But in the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to love ourselves, don’t we? Do we not forget that we are also ‘special’ and our lives are a gift given to us with a lot of love by the Almighty? So why don’t we pamper ourselves and make ourselves feel special this Valentine’s? Let us choose ourselves as our Valentine this winter season and promise to love ourselves for a lifetime. Here are five good reasons why choosing solitude this Valentine would work wonders for you:

1. Get in Love with Your Identity:

To love one’s identity, a person has to definitely spend some time alone. Use this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to fall in love with ‘who you are’, ‘what you are’ and ‘what do you wish to be’. Knowing oneself is the best way to appreciate the identity we carry with us, each day, while we walk around.

2. The ‘I’ in you also Needs some Pampering and Attention:

Doing good things for others and making them feel special definitely gives one a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. But, pause and ponder, what about the little girl or boy residing within you? Haven’t we ignored her/him too much? Isn’t it time to spend some moments with that little girl or boy. Choosing solitude this Valentine’s Day would also help us in pampering the neglected “I” within us. Go out and shop for the favourite things you have been postponing for a long time.

3. Relationships are not Always Comforting:

Stress related to love relationships is a common thing youngsters face these days. Bickering over trivial issues, excessively possessive partners, insecurities and other things usually end up making a love relationship stressful and tedious. It is sometime considered to be an even more hectic job that working in a corporate firm.

4. Solitude teaches us to be Self Reliant and Self Dependent:

Learning to be self reliant and self dependent can surely help each and every individual to be happy and peaceful.

5. Loving who you are Shows you the Brighter side of Your Personality:

Remember Kareena Kapoor’s dialogue in Jab We Met, “Main apni favourite hoon, (I am my favourite)” is a perfect example of how an individual can learn to love oneself. Loving the person within you will also provide you with the strength to fight obstacles that come your way in a better fashion.

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Sehar is a communication skills trainer, she has good experience in writing on various issues. She is a blogger, book writer and enthusiastic traveller. A native of Allahabad, she believes in experiencing the small things of life in a big way. Sehar likes to work in groups and learn new things. Her motto is to enjoy life in small packets.