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Police Fails to Prevent Honour Killing of a Dalit in Kerala

Reading Time: 3 minutesKevin Joseph, the Dalit Christian boy, was brutally murdered for daring to marry an upper caste Christian woman, Neenu Chacko, at the end of a three-year-old romance, against the wishes of her parents. Kevin was abducted and killed allegedly by Neenu’s brother and other relatives for transgressing his social status. The murder has seen the […]

Rustling Silks and Flamboyant Hues at Maharashtrian Weddings

Reading Time: 5 minutesRuchira tells us about Marathi weddings, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Marathi weddings are middle-level affairs, a sharp contrast from the big fat Indian wedding projected by the innumerable soap serials on television channels. Firstly, an engagement ceremony Sakhar Puda is held.  In a gathering of close friends and relatives saris and sweet delicacies are gifted […]

An Amazing Experience

Reading Time: 3 minutesIs it possible that real life experiences replicate the ones that fictional heroes had in books? Soumya, relives some such moments, during a recent trip to England. Read more in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. I too, like many of you, re-read Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat whenever I want to destress.  You, no doubt, […]

The Glory and Valour of Sikhs and Their Profound Contributions to Many Aspects of Life

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe never say die determination and supreme dignity of labour has characterised the Sikh community. It is not without reason that we are yet to come across a Sikh with a begging bowl anywhere in the world. Their absolute belief in their capacity to redeem themselves from the seemingly most insurmountable odds propels them to not […]

When Faith Turns the Divider

Reading Time: 4 minutesRuchira anguishes that the Indian society is becoming increasingly intolerant and parochial. The walls of religious divisions are sharper now. Read more in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. Oh, lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud! I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!                                                                         ~P.B. Shelley Mazhab nehi […]

Wish Colleagues Could be Friends?

Reading Time: 7 minutesHemashri looks inwards and wonders if colleagues could be friends, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Somewhere I read that colleagues are friends ‘imposed’ upon us! Just wonder why impose friendship? Life offers choice in very few areas. So why not we at least wear clothes as per our choice and be friends […]

A Rainy Day and God

Reading Time: 4 minutesHong Kong-based Suveera decides to visit the Big Buddha. It’s a huge bronze statue of the Buddha sitting on a lotus. It was built in 1993 at the Po Lin monastery. Standing tall at 112 feet the Buddha commands awe and respect, says she, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. I am one […]

A Nomad between Goodbyes and Hellos

Reading Time: 4 minutesEfficiency is what Hong Kong runs on. It drives the people here. A city that sees a good number of typhoons every year, still gets back on its feet the next day, mending and fixing but never resting, in the end leaving little proof of the destruction and chaos that was caused. Different Truths ventures […]

Memories of Sangla Hill

Reading Time: 6 minutesThis is a question that we all have to answer. Shia, Sunni, Catholic, Protestant, Bengali, Marathi, Brahmin, Jathav, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, do we all mark our territories and drive away everyone, who is anyway different? Where is our home? Where can we feel safe from persecution? Soumya, our humourist, takes a somber view at […]

His Holiness the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, Thupten Gyatso

Reading Time: 5 minutesEswar talks about His Holiness the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, likening him to the Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. Read more about His life and times, in the regular column, exclusively in Different Truths. Whenever I think about His Holiness the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, Guru Gobind Singh’s mighty warrior image comes to my mind. From the day […]