The Abode of Peace: A Nest Formed in the Universe

Reading Time: 7 minutesBadly in need of funds for his ashram, Tagore sought donations from abroad notably England and was dismayed to encounter the cool British snub. This was a fallout of his strong denouncements against the British imperialistic attitudes as well as his relinquishment of the knighthood. Yet the poet in him keenly empathised with the pain […]

Rabindranath Tagore: An Inspiration in Art

Reading Time: 4 minutesSudhi Ranjan pays his tribute to Tagore, tells us about the Poet-Painter’s concept of art and how the Alpana art of Santiniketan, influenced his work, as Special Feature. A Different Truths exclusive.  Tagore has been immortalised not only by his poetry but also by his paintings and his great contribution to Indian Art. His early life […]

My Poet, My City: Owning Tagore and the Bard in Allahabad

Reading Time: 18 minutesOur Editor-in-Chief, Arindam, shares his personal relationship with Tagore. It deepened when he learned that Gurudev had a close connection with Allahabad, the scribe’s birthplace. Tagore’s niece was married to a legal luminary in the City of Confluence. Moreover, the Bard had an interesting relationship with the Indian Press. The three editorials of Tapati Sinha, […]

Gordan Ćosić: A Visual Author of Life and Times

Reading Time: 9 minutesTatjana interviewed Gordan Ćosić, an eminent artist, illustrator, designer, and photographer, from Serbia, exclusively for Different Truths.  Gordan Ćosić, a renowned Serbia-based artist, and photographer, authors his life and times visually. His works represent a microcosm of his creative world.  Tatjana Debeljački interviews him for Different Truths. What are your hometown childhood memories?   I […]

Thangka Paintings: An Aura of Spiritual Positivity

Reading Time: 4 minutesThangka means ‘thing that one unrolls’ in classical Tibetan. This art form got developed alongside the traditional wall paintings. Now, an art form, which is taught in monasteries along with butter sculpture, the earliest forms of the painting is believed to be commissioned by individuals. Most of these early paintings were painted by monks, who were commissioned to work […]

Don’t call me an Artist

Reading Time: 3 minutesLife is full of contradictions and paradoxes. Here’s a personal account of Cholena. She tells us about the deep prejudices against art and artists when she was growing up. She also shares how she surmounted her problems and followed her natural inclination. I have no clue as to when I had started taking an interest in drawing. […]

Coal Miners and the Canary

Reading Time: 6 minutesCoal was used as a common fuel in homes and it also energised the steam engines. Ashok travels from lumps of coals to coal mines. He finds that the canary, sensitive to toxic gases in the coal mines, saved their lives. The relationship of canary and coal miners has many layers. It saddens the writer-artist, who tells us […]