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  • Travelling the World in NYC: Conversations with Cab Drivers and Other Multi-Cultural Excursions

  • tea, salt, and teranga

  • Grace of Black Panther: Spirit, Self and the Shaman in the Mother Continent

  • The Path through the Forest to Our Soul

  • Greece Finally Ends its Bailout Phase: Many Questions Remain about Future of Economy

  • Eliminating Caste System, Communal Fascism, Patriarchy, and Neo-Liberalism: Does Neo-Dalit Movement Provide an Answer?

My Little King, A-Wooo

Reading Time: 11 minutesDr. Tzemin tells us a story of the biggest bull in the village, A-Wooo, fit to lead the herd of the cattle. How it became a king, was lost. Could the police find it? A Different Truths exclusive for the Africa Special Issue. If you have been to the south along this road, you will […]

Locked with Lantern and a Good Luck

Reading Time: 11 minutesAtrayee tells us an intriguing story about a NGC team, caught in the Eritrean-Ethiopian conflict and a kidnapping. What happened to Twisha? Here’s a literary thriller, exclusively for Different Truths, for the Africa Special Issue. Is it night already? So soon! The trace of daylight that has been permeating through that precarious locked door suddenly […]

Grace of Black Panther: Spirit, Self and the Shaman in the Mother Continent

Reading Time: 10 minutesIt is a source of boundless energy and power that an animal totem like the panther represents. Shamans of the world intuit that secret. Let us journey into the heart of Africa where that elemental vibration of life can be sensed by those who are ready to leave their mundane mind and its humdrum reality […]

Togo: The Largest Voodoo Market in the World

Reading Time: 3 minutesTogo’s capital city of Lomé is the birthplace of the largest Voodoo market in the world – a kind of super supply store for fetishes, charms and anything else one might need for a ritual. It is known as the Akodessewa Fetish Market. Practitioners from all over the African continent travel here in search of […]

Dandora Dumpsite is a Bedroom for the Urban Poor in Nairobi

Reading Time: 5 minutesDandora is the biggest dumpsite in Nairobi, an estate littered with dirt and overflowing sewers pouring into the drainage system. For most though, it is the high level of crime, thanks to the jobless youth, who idle in the area, youth who strike fear in residents, even in broad daylight. It is a lifeline for hundreds […]

The Magical Mystery of Enigmatic and Enchanting East Africa

Reading Time: 11 minutesNayna takes us on a tour of two East African countries, Tanzania and Rawanda. She tells us the wondrous tales of a world heritage site, Stone Town, in Zanzibar, the largest national parks, including Serengeti and Ngorongoro, and camping under the open sky, in tents, in Tanzania. Kigali, a very pretty hill station; the Akagera […]

Anthology of Poems on Africa of Earth and Beauty

Reading Time: 43 minutesWe present an Anthology of Poems, on Africa, wherein 66 poets, with as many poems, spread across 19 nations [India (41); Nigeria (8); two each from the US and Mauritius; and one each from Kazakhastan, Puerto Rico, Republic of China, Germany, Mexico, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Tanzania, Turkey, Ghana, Philippine and Pakistan] enriched it. […]

Do the Lions Have Their Own Storytellers?

Reading Time: 17 minutesArindam, our Editor-in-Chief, talks about the ownership of the narrative of Africa, by its people, using the ‘lion’ metaphor, by Chinua Achebe. He tells us how he discovered Africa within him, during his formative years. Four insightful edits by the Africa Special Issue editors, Michele Baron, Luz María López, Olaitan Maryam Mojisola, and Swati Kumar, deepen […]

I Feel the Essence of My Doting Dad

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt is eleven years to lunar date since his larger than life colorful persona was amongst us, yet his essence, words, royal laughter, humour linger stronger every day for me. His penchant for Telugu sametlu (proverbs); English proverbs, and appropriate usage by pulling out right one for situations was mind-boggling. When I found lazy-person-tricks to dump my […]

The Boon and Bane of Relationships – Complicatedly Yours!

Reading Time: 4 minutesPreeyan delves into the complexities of relationships, with nuclear families and changing contours, exclusively for Different Truths.   There are times, when I feel I need some love, there are times when I feel I need some care, most of the time I crave for attention and there are times when I want to be […]