Unworthy Political Manoeuvrings at the Cost of the Nation – I

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This undeniable fact of black money being the basis of our proud democracy is sad. For all of the elections and land acquisitions are done by utilising this undeniable acquisition through various allocations, be it coal or spectrum, opines Dr. Kulmeet, in part one of his opinion piece, exclusively for Different Truths.

The drama of CAG is virtually over. Coal Gate is passé. Except for its role in furthering Arnab’s career as a fact-finding, though, floundering journalist, it’s like whipping a dead horse. Based on some megalomaniacal myths about themselves, Arnab and Arun Jaitley must go on and on about this.

To give CAG a final burial, I must recount the event which started our freedom struggle. At Champaran, in 1917, Mahatma Gandhi was fighting with the Britishers, asking them to pay a just compensation for Indigo to the Indian farmers. The local magistrates were flummoxed by the novel form of protest, Satyagraha and jail bharo, adopted as a means of protest by the great man. They formed a committee and decided to start negotiations by starting to offer 25% as compensation. Within them, the Britishers had decided that they shall go up to 50% if Gandhiji insisted. To their surprise, Gandhiji agreed to 25% compensation as being the final amount.

His purpose was to show that the white man could be made to yield, “bina khadak, bina talwar” (without a scythe, without a sword) by the Sabarmati saint and the people of India.

Today, the CAG shall, so wisely compute the losses as the trillion of dollars (rightly so) and the BJP shall stall the parliament and go on the streets calling the P.M. weak for not being able to arrest David Cameron for this loss to the exchequer. The most righteously indignant Jaitley might actually attempt to sully the Mahatma’s name by innuendo. Till he is one-upped by Sushma by puncturing his ego as a self-appointed messiah of BJP’s interests.

The great gentlemen who compute losses do not visualise the penetration of mobile phones by virtue of the initial low priced allocation of the spectrum as a tool for further national development. If we can manage the same penetration for anti-tubercular drugs and pulses through the public distribution system for our poor, then, I am sure the Bharat Ratna, which is going begging for so many years, would be conferred.

Now, where, Sir is the catch. The catch is only in the fact that Mahatma Gandhi and Manmohan Singhji are not corrupt.

Just idealists.

They just think of what they can do for the nation.

Their ilk allocates coal and spectrum, keeping in mind the urgency in the infrastructure development and hence the need to generate power by using coal, nuclear energy, and hydroelectric power. All these processes have been lock jammed by the principal opposition party, keeping in the postulated power of rhetoric and obstructive jingoism in mind as a probable vote-catching device.

This now doesn’t work. Despite all, its loud noise, being on the TV still does not win elections in India.

Unfortunately, there is nobody in the Congress to show them this scenario forcefully, as Rahul is still smarting under the U.P. effect, unable to move forward.

The second inherent fact is that all such allocations, whether done by the Congress, BJP, SP, BSP, any party of any ilk or any individual, say like, Kiran Bedi has an illegitimate money trail.

This undeniable fact raises mythical sums as one lakh seventy-six thousand crores in the public domain. There authenticity being further in doubt, as the CAG so proudly states that I shall show that this sum was 176 lakh crores actually if I am provoked. Making, any figure, a figment of his imagination. Hence to be mentioned in tongue in cheek conversations only.

This undeniable fact of black money being the basis of our proud democracy is sad. For all of the elections and land acquisitions are done by utilising this undeniable acquisition through various allocations, be it coal or spectrum.

All under the watchful eyes of individually honest eyes of Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, V.P. Singh, Atal ji and Dr. Manmohan Singh.

I am advertently missing out the names of Gowdaji and Chandrashekharji.

©Dr. Kulmeet Singh Soin

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Dr. Kulmeet S. Soin, M.D. is a practicing radiologist and writes as a hobby. He is married to a senior banker at H.S.B.C., who is also a dynamic social worker at the NGO Ludhiana Cares. He is blessed with two gifted children, Anmol, 26 years, and Anhad, 21 years, who are pursuing their own dreams to perfection. God has been kind and the Soin family is grateful for His benedictions.