Shaping Minds for the new Millennium

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Prof. MM Pant spoke about the 4th industrial revolution in a recent seminar in Allahabad University. In an era where knowledge and wealth are growing together the approach to learning must change. Here’s a report by Sehar.

“No thief, however skilful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.”  ~ L. Frank Baum

On February 20, the multipurpose hall of the Institute of Professional Studies (IPS), University of Allahabad brimmed with excitement and zeal as Prof M.M. Pant unravelled the future of technology and spoke about the 4th industrial revolution.

The session began with the students of Centre of Computer Education and IEEE welcoming the distinguished guests. Harshita Rai introduced the guest speaker, Prof Pant and welcomed him.

The founder of the Institute, Prof GK Rai, threw light on the life and works of Prof Pant.

Prof Pant introduced the topic and explained its relevance to the students. He began his lecture by quoting excerpts from Bhagvad Gita and talking about how the scenario is changing.

He said, “Today knowledge and wealth are going together. Understanding the 4th industrial revolution and technology is the need of the hour, as we all are somewhere directly or indirectly affected by technology.”

He talked about the penetration of knowledge into everyday life and how technology is no more a high end thing. He illustrated his speech with examples from everyday life and stated, “Magic when demystified becomes learning.”

During his presentation, the speaker also said that the most relevant transformation in history of mankind has been the development of mobile technology. He added, how important it is develop mindsets that promote curiosity which in turn will lead to new learning. He explained, “Today, a field that began with logic is almost ready to connect with emotions.”

In the latter half of the seminar, Prof. Pant enlightened the audience with different types of intelligence – machine intelligence, artificial intelligence and emotional intelligence. He emphasised on the importance of English and communications, which will make learning for the students employable. He dwelled on the rising trend of entrepreneurship and how it is the next big thing in the industry. He stressed, “Success happens when preparation meets opportunities.”

During the seminar the students of four different centres were thrilled to hear real life stories and case studies that made Prof Pant’s narrative much more relatable and connecting. The seminar came to an end with an open house. Students interacted with the guest speaker.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Prof RR Tiwari, Dean, Faculty of Science and Coordinator of Centre of Computer Education.

“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached” ~ Swami Vivekananada.

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