Indian Media Stormed by Three Questions

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Three topics currently taking the media by storm these days are:  the Supreme Court’s attempt to fabricate venues of escape for rapists. Secondly, the wastage of potable water on watering cricket pitches and, lastly, the promise by Rahul Gandhi of 10 lakh jobs to the poor in Assam. AG Brace’s commentary on these three issues.

Three topics currently taking the Indian media by storm are firstly, the Supreme Court’s attempt to fabricate venues of escape for rapists. Secondly, the wastage of potable water on watering cricket pitches and, lastly, the promise by Rahul Gandhi of 10 lakh jobs to the poor in Assam. Let’s examine these.

Forsaking Nirbhaya   

I feel that the brassy essay by the Supreme Court to fabricate and frame venues allowing rapists cum murderers in the heinous Nirbhaya gang-rape case to escape the noose aptly underscores the veracity of the primary question, “quis  custodiet  ipsos costodes” (who should guard the guardians). Even the amended Juvenile Justice Act emphatically states the juvenile, who at that point in time was almost 18 years of age can be retried in retrospect and not set free after only a couple of months in a Children’s  Reformatory. We mistakenly thought the expose of the dastardly the gang-rape and murder of Nirbhaya was the beginning of the end of the sordid state of affairs and a cap on abuse of women. Contrary it only opened a Pandora’s Box (Pandurang’s Box as colloquially called) of libidinous gentry revived by an apathetic government that has an Eye Bank of Nelson Eyes.


Potable Water for Watering Cricket Pitches 

We never know the worth of water until our throats are parched, why wait till then and waste this gift of God watering cricket pitches. Wouldn’t it be proper if the task were left to champion piddler Ajit  Pawar of the Congress party, who urged his fellow Maharashtrians to drink their urine, if there was scarcity of water? Even those dying of thirst have dignity, which is alien to pseudo bureaucrats like Pawar. Then fearing public despise, he undertook a one-day token fast, which he broke on a glass of chilled vintage Shivambu, a legacy left by the founder of this panacea Morarji Desai. Mimicking Ghandi, who pioneered fasting as a coercive non-violent protest and a token one day fast by Ajit Pawar as a palisade fooled no one, but what tickled the public pink, was his offer to take a recce of drought affected areas in Maharashtra, replenish Tulsi, Vihar and Pawai lakes, do a bit of pee-pee at Dal in Kashmir and then rush off to Canada to fulfill his cherished ambition to top up the Great Bear Lakes there. It would be fortuitous and welcome if Pawar with his colossal storage capacity joined the Bombay Fire Brigade.

Ten Lakh jobs for the Asking

On a Crusade to recover lost prestige and salvage leftover of any semblance of credibility of the Nehru/Gandhi dynasty, Rahul Gandhi scion of the lineage desperately attempts a revival of lost misconception of solidarity by offering to create 10 lakh jobs for the poor in Assam. As per the Minimum Wages Act-1948, it was estimated that a minimum average wage of Rs.190/- to Rs.200/- per day was what was required to keep a man’s body and soul together (and that was 68 years back). Ten lakh jobs as promised by Rahul Gandhi today would amount to around Rs.190/-lakhs per day (as per 1948 figures). Are these jobs then just counterfeit and in keeping with dynastic duplicity? Would that Rahul Gandhi for once speak sensibly?

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