Mr. Pradhan Sewak – Can we Stop This Sham

Reading Time: 2 minutesA tongue-in-cheek political commentary, talking of the time past and time present, by Dr. Kulmeet, exclusively for Different Truths. As I begin to write about the most vocal, and consequently, the most failed governance, I must write about the Nehru-Gandhi’s claim to their ascendancy from the grassroots to the level they rose to. Nehru was […]

Politics within Politics in Uttar Pradesh; What about Social Justice?

Reading Time: 5 minutesBelieve it or not, Modi has not just changed the way Indian politics is done. He has also transformed the party structure from within – creating his own team of workers aka ministers to the extent of sidelining the bigwigs that stood out brandishing the Hindutva flag once upon a time. It is this ‘politics […]

No Confidence in Rahul Gandhi: Where Are Our Leaders?

Reading Time: 4 minutesRahul Gandhi managed to show his prowess and oratorial skills but failed to use this as a chance to show he has emerged as a better leader than before. Through his wink and the hug, he may become an MTV ‘Youth Icon of the Year’ but he fails to show in any way he has […]

What Makes Jaitley Go Berserk: His Hitler or the Historical Hitler of the Yore?

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Hitlerian mindset is in full force. This time it might be an expensive gaffe by the great nonperformer, Arun Jaitley. That millions died, killed by barbaric methods under Hitler did not happen during the Emergency. Only a hapless Jaitley was taken away for short while from his air-conditioned comfort to the jail. Believe me […]

You Need a Classroom to Break the Chain

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt’s time we understand how education can do wonders in eliminating child labour, opines Atindra, for Different Truths. A little less than 1.5 crore children call Jharkhand their home. And one of the big problems about 11 lakh of them face while growing up, is how to balance school and work or to choose between […]

Unworthy Political Manoeuvrings at the Cost of the Nation – I

Reading Time: 3 minutesThis undeniable fact of black money being the basis of our proud democracy is sad. For all of the elections and land acquisitions are done by utilising this undeniable acquisition through various allocations, be it coal or spectrum, opines Dr. Kulmeet, in part one of his opinion piece, exclusively for Different Truths. The drama of […]

Who is Slamming Education and Suppressing Counter-Narrative?

Reading Time: 4 minutesA healthy debate is a rarity among the present generation. The sole reason is that a debate requires two sets of people with two different mindsets but with a common aim of development. Kabir questions the lack of healthy debate, exclusively for Different Truths. Pity the nation that raises not its voice, save when it […]

The Game of Life and Death…

Reading Time: 6 minutes  The concept of ‘good death’ (euthanasia) existed in the ancient world.  Medical assistance was not needed when the Homeric warrior died as a hero and was expected to accept death with resignation. Later the city-state regarded as heroes the men fallen for the cause of the community, honouring these model citizens as those who died […]

Psychotherapy Paradigms in Schizophrenia: Patients Function at Levels of Symbolisation – VIII

Reading Time: 8 minutesThe schizophrenic person often functions at a level of symbolisation where the materials that he uses to represent and communicate include, as in a dream, actions, body parts and sensations, and the eliciting of feelings in the psychotherapist. As in a dream, he represents meanings by their opposites and condenses many meanings in one representation. […]

Psychotherapy Paradigms in Schizophrenia: Understanding the Symbolisation Process of the Patient – VII

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe object world may fail to encourage, support, or reward the effort to achieve or sustain higher levels of functioning. Since symbolisation processes are significantly future-oriented, persistent disappointment or the thwarting of expectations may lead to the conviction that it is futile to expend effort in achieving higher levels of symbolisation. Here’s the seventh and […]