Live from Kailash

Reading Time: 11 minutesHere’s Tapati’s fictional Durga-Shiva dialogues, full of banter, repartee, wit, and humour, create a laughter riot, in the special feature. A Different Truths exclusive. “Shiva seems too busy these days! Don’t know what’s going on behind the closed doors. Some meeting is going on, but such a long meeting; I need to check and keep […]

Looking Forward, Looking Back: Durga Puja in my Eyes

Reading Time: 3 minutesVedatrayee reminisces of Durga Puja and tells us what it means to her, in the special feature, exclusively in Different Truths. I am not very good with dates. So unlike any Bengali, I have no record as to when Durga Puja is at the starting of the year. But I have some ways, I like […]

Durga Pujo in Delhi: Then and Now

Reading Time: 4 minutesRuchira remembers Durga Pujo of her childhood days. She tells us about the slow and sure changes that are taking place, for various reasons, in the celebrations. Read more in the special feature, exclusively in Different Truths. A mention of Durga Pujo, conjures up images of golden sunlit azure skies dotted with cumulous clouds,  immaculately […]

Spiritual, not Religious…

Reading Time: 2 minutesSpirituality empowers us, while religious dogmatism blind us. Kabir finds the former in Durga. She helps us become socially responsive, in the special feature, in Different Truths. I do not know whether She came from Kailash or not I do not know whether the Puja divides anyone or not I do not want to know […]

Taaru-da, Kaalu-da and the Banquet Scene

Reading Time: 4 minutesDurga Pujo and plays are inseparable. Neelum recalls, tongue-in-cheek, about her grandfather’s, who directed a play, in the 1930s, in Allahabad’s oldest Colonelganj Barwari, on the very important day, Oshtumi. A fiasco during the staging of the Banquet Scene from the Shakespearean Macbeth changed everything. Here’s a special feature, exclusively in Different Truths. Way back […]

The Bengali Fever called Durga Pujo

Reading Time: 6 minutesAnumita, our Managing Editor, travels back to her childhood days, in her nostalgic piece. She recalls the military-like-parade of six girls along with her Jethu and other interesting details, as part of the special feature, exclusively in Different Truths. During late September and early October, the Bengalis, all over the world get high on one […]

Man Creates God in Kumortuli

Reading Time: 3 minutesSarika reminisces about Durga Puja in Assam, where she grew up. She recalls a visit to Kumortuli, the potters’ colony, inhabited by the idol makers for ages. They live in abject poverty, in dark, narrow alleys but this is a place where men create Gods, says she, in the special feature, exclusively in Different Truths. […]

Durga, a Lesser Goddess Grew in Stature during the Gupta Period

Reading Time: 6 minutesArindam, our Editor-in-Chief, traces the history of Durga iconography. Historians at Allahabad Museum opine that the stature of the Goddess grew during the Gupta period. He introduces the three-day long special feature on Durga Puja, between Tuesday (Sept 26) and Thursday (Sept 28). Special mention of Anumita Chatterjee Roy, our Managing Editor, must be made […]

Durga Puja: A Five-day Extravaganza of Food, Feast, Fun, and Frolic

Reading Time: 6 minutesEyes closed each of us disappear into own consciousness where we perhaps see a beloved departed parent, or remember a past when they stood above us uttering these same words after shoving a crumpled flower and a bael leaf into our small fist. Chennai-based Sumita gives us an overview of the Durga Puja and its […]

Durga Puja Nostalgia: Opening an Old Album and the Paroxysms of Emotions

Reading Time: 3 minutesFreshly returned from South America, first time Durga Puja to experience yet the vast unsettled feeling from being brought to a quite stringent and conservative environment in Batanagar from the freedom of life in outside India, in Venezuela, rues Susmita, as she walks down the memory lane, as part of the special feature, exclusively in Different […]