One Last Tagore Birthday before My Death

Reading Time: 8 minutesA Diaspora, Dr. Partha shares the agony of a Bengali far away from homeland. He confesses, there are quite a few other Bengali immigrants both from Bangladesh and West Bengal — highly educated, scholarly and erudite — who are satisfied with the small society they have and therefore do not feel any particular urge to […]

Rabindranath Tagore: An Inquiry into Ideas and Ideals

Reading Time: 9 minutesIn order to acquire a worldview for himself, Tagore strove to achieve a balance between Humanism and Naturalism, Individualism and Determinism, Hedonism and Asceticism, all of them being the various ways of apprehending the ultimate reality. This balance helped him determine his own perspectives on life and times, and his role as a literary writer […]

Musings of Tagore on Love and Mysticism

Reading Time: 5 minutesA relentlessly seeking, sensitive, intellectual soul, Tagore wanted to drink the elixir of life to the dregs. He found beauty in everything around him. Even the minuscule objects of daily life filled him with delight. The Sufi minstrel within him, seeks the Divine amidst nature, opines Ruchira, in the Special Feature. A Different Truths exclusive.   Tagore was […]

My Poet, My City: Owning Tagore and the Bard in Allahabad

Reading Time: 18 minutesOur Editor-in-Chief, Arindam, shares his personal relationship with Tagore. It deepened when he learned that Gurudev had a close connection with Allahabad, the scribe’s birthplace. Tagore’s niece was married to a legal luminary in the City of Confluence. Moreover, the Bard had an interesting relationship with the Indian Press. The three editorials of Tapati Sinha, […]

Awaaz: Lending Assertive Voice to the Modern Women

Reading Time: 3 minutesSanchaari showcased various aspects of the modern women, in its two-day cultural meet. Here’s a report by Mariyam, exclusively for Different Truths. Sanchaari’s motive to revive the cultural heritage of Allahabad has tasted progress in a couple of years since its inception. The year 2017 marks the third successful year of the annual Sanskritik Parv. The […]

Music to the Ears, (Un)beatable Indigo, Harry Potter Gamer, Robot Sophia one-up on Saudi Women, Pope Berates Mobile Clad Bishops

Reading Time: 3 minutesUNESCO recognises Chennai’s rich musical tradition; in a horrendous act Indigo staffers were caught on camera assaulting elderly passenger at IGI terminal Delhi; Niantic Labs, the developer of the once immensely popular Pokémon Go, is now making a Harry Potter AR game; Sophia is Saudi Arabia first robot citizen and during his weekly address in St. Peter’s […]

Exploring the Vignettes of Womanhood at Awaaz 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutesSanchaari Allahabad is once again all set to enthrall and enlighten the city with Awaaz – its annual fiesta for 2017. The theme for this year is ‘Vignettes of Womanhood’ and the two-day event will be held at the NCZCC, in Allahabad, on the 4th and 5th of November. Here’s a report by Tooba, exclusively […]

Mohammad Rafi: Effortless Rendition, his was the Voice of God

Reading Time: 5 minutesSamina profiles Mohammad Rafi, the versatile singer, who won the hearts of one and all with his soulful rendition. Read more in the regular column, exclusively in Different Truths. Where do I start? When I researched on Rafi Sahib I realised that so many legendary figures of Bollywood, authors, and writers had written so much […]

Kishore Kumar: A Maverick Genius, Eccentric, Temperamental, High-strung and Talented

Reading Time: 3 minutesSamina profiles the Maverick Kishore Kumar, heartthrobs of millions, across generations, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.   An eccentric, temperamental, high strung, yet talented, creative, multifaceted individual, whose voice ruled the hearts of many, was none other than Kishore Kumar. He was born in Khandwa – now in Madhya Pradesh – as […]

Music was the Genetic Code of RD Burman, a Trendsetter, an Iconic and Eclectic Composer

Reading Time: 3 minutesRD Burman was a musician with the difference, a trendsetter, an iconic, eclectic, composer, who was born with music and rhythm in his genes. A wizard, he could combine the Indian tunes with western instruments, funky sounds, and psychedelic vibes. Samina profiles the maverick musical genius, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. Music […]