Migration & Diaspora

Migration & Diaspora

Marx Was a Great Scholar in Mathematics, Linguistics

Perhaps very few Marxists and admirers of Marx know that Marx’s contributions were not at all limited to economics and politics. Mathematics apart, his notes, manuscripts, and correspondences cover chemistry, geology, ethnology and even linguistics inter alia. Those studies are of great relevance to the so-called ‘peripheral economies’ like India and its neighbouring countries. A […]

One Last Tagore Birthday before My Death

A Diaspora, Dr. Partha shares the agony of a Bengali far away from homeland. He confesses, there are quite a few other Bengali immigrants both from Bangladesh and West Bengal — highly educated, scholarly and erudite — who are satisfied with the small society they have and therefore do not feel any particular urge to […]

Memories of Sangla Hill

This is a question that we all have to answer. Shia, Sunni, Catholic, Protestant, Bengali, Marathi, Brahmin, Jathav, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, do we all mark our territories and drive away everyone, who is anyway different? Where is our home? Where can we feel safe from persecution? Soumya, our humourist, takes a somber view at […]

Being a Desi in America

America has been the crucible, a veritable melting pot, of many cultures. The south Asian community – Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans – are the Desis. They pride in their spices and the Bollywood numbers. They are the math, science and the spelling bee genius breeding species. Food is their focal point, the essential soul of all […]

Sovereignty of the State is the core of Refugee Problem: An Academic Debate

An essential characteristic of sovereignty is the State’s prerogative to put various kinds of limitations on non-citizens regarding their stay and entry in their territory. The authority of the State to control movement of aliens into its border has escalated problems of refugees and asylum seekers worldwide. Strict migration control has escalated problems of forced state confinement with possibility […]

India in need of National Policy on Refugees

India has not signed 1951 Refugee Convention. There is no specific domestic legal framework to protect the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in India. This has led to legal insecurity of refugees’ status and difficulty to access in refugee rights. At international human rights forums, India asserts to have a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, […]

The Strange World of Roy Brothers

Partition and displacement were agonising. But, for two young lads, life in a city was wondrous. The school children were pleased that they had no schools. No studies. Seven brothers and cousins were admitted in class IV a year later. They huddled together, laughed and sniggered by others in Calcutta in those days. Here’s a slice of life […]

One Woman, Two Countries

Traditionally, an immigrant’s heart is in his/her homeland. He/she grapples with the anguish of staying in a distant land. But, for Sukanya, USA is as much her home. In 17 years, she has become a naturalised citizen. Her search for her identity, the essential ‘me’, is indeed interesting. Here we see her ‘voyage within’ – the journey of […]

The Nowhere Migrant

Tinku takes a hard look at the underbelly of labour trafficking. Railway coolies are paid a paltry sum to undertake this risky job. One poor man sells another for just Rs 50/-. It’s distress migration, where the migrants have no choice. Here’s an expose. Economics of labour migration projects labour as an input of production that has […]