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An evocative and sensuous love poem, by Satabdi, exclusively for Different Truths.

Ingrained inception,
Soaked, seeped and solidified;
Crystallised now;
In your fatal enigma!

Your eyes alluring,
Empty hollow within my heart,
A darkroom secretive,
A deep black treasure.

More to your fragrance,
I breathe my counted days,
A vacuum around,
Cajoled in your warmth.

Once I touched;
Now spirit in a vapor.

More to lust or quench;
In salvation to eternal youth,
I die each day now!

A call lost in my torn chords,
Passing day grieves moss;
Anguish lamenting agony.

A mind eye vision,
In picturesque portrayal,
In colors you paint;
Tender flower of smile and blush,
float on my cheeks,
then settle upon my lips.

I breathe in the air around,
Vacuum embracing abound,
Lost in silent peace;
Breeze soothing my sore,
Of haunting memories encore,
A fatal sensation!

A doomed destiny,
I agree and accept,
As I blanket the warm air;
Caressed over you once;
your divine messenger,
I feel complete!
I whisper to my soul;
Yes, I have touched Love!

©Satabdi Banerjee

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