Two Dark Poems

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Different Truths introduces poems from this issue. Ratan pens two dark poems that deal with hatred, violence and deaths, unleashing untold miseries that men in the supreme ignorance bring forth on others. It is also a time of resolute strength, patience, hope and . Martin Luther King Jr. rightly said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”


We Love You !

Come on Paris ! We Love you Paris!


and people that he

were 129 in number

Not just one hundred twenty nine

He killed love and art, he killed life and sunshine

Three teams of suicide bombers

They all spread out across Paris

Racing in a Volkswagen Polo with Kalashnikov rifles

and explosive belts , description varies.

With candles and flowers the outdoor terrace was filled

La Belle Equipe restaurant, where gunman shot into the crowd

The six sites were their target points -they tried to Paris

Girls ,children, women and men shrieked in and fear aloud.

I am the Oleander poet from the City of Joy

Praying today for dreamland Paris my City of Love

Terrorism will be defeated and destroyed one day

If we have blessings from God above.

In the name of religion how can man kill man

In the name of Jihad and revenge how can life be ruined

Like the woman in Baudelaire’s poem

“Le Serpent qui danse’ the snake inside us is entwined

moi moins de flamme” O Baudelaire’s words I utter

O pitiless demon! Throw me less fire

This suspected bomber had a five year old girl

Paris in midnight never did so much tire.

Recall 26/11 or just 9/11 you remember

Three teams of beastly ghastly suicide bombers!

But Hate cannot kill Baudelaire’s Paris

Paris we love you with all blood in vein

Maupassant’s dreamland of art and love

Don’t cry my beloved Paris! never feel pain

Guillaume Apollinaire’s Paris in Autumn

Vibrant Paris cannot be so quiet and calm.

A suicide Bomber will surely be forgotten

The head will be held high of Eiffel Tower

Bombs can destroy iron and mortar

A bomber can never ruin art and flower

Paris, I believe you are still warmly breathing

Anger against terrors all over the globe seething

Long live Paris that bled slowly under the sky

Nothing can make feel so shy.

Terrorism a disease getting epidemic by and by

At the crossroads we all stand,man is killed like tiny fry.

O my frozen being, I am not able to use my pen

When hungry wolves spread all around

My pride as a poet does crumble today

The dancing sunlight quickens no joyous sound.

Come on Paris arise and awake

Survive the catharsis and the terrible quake.

Paris you are my poetry, my painting , my art

You rouse dreams of love in my forlorn .

Pont des Arts, Picture Courtesy National Geographic.




I’m Gonna Told God Everything

From Syria it is a long way but still they came

They were refugee in Beirut,they had no other name.

When we cannot give home to anyone

To make one homeless is nothing but a shame.                                   

Paris burns and French planes bombarded Syrian skies

When the earth is filled with tears and cries.

I feel helpless and only try to sing

I heard the dying child in Beirut :’ I will tell God everything’

The child lost his parents ,

He himself got a fatal wound in

He saw how man killed man in anger

He saw how the world bombarded relations

Voices on Beirut and Paris boulevard got silent

Men with guns and rockets went violent .

The child still dreamt in the darkness to sing

‘I’m gonna told God everything’!

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Ratan is a bilingual writer and academician, he is Associate Professor and head of English literature in Motijheel College, Kolkata. He is a guest faculty at Rabindra Bharati University and a
member of the advisory board of International Theodore Dreiser Society, USA. He is the founder
director of the Dattani Archive and Research Association (DARA), Kolkata. He edits a journal,
authored several books, published poems and writes for several webzines. His book of love poems for his wife was translated into Assamese. He is also is a social media buff.