Marxism is Scientifically Sound, Communist Revolutions only Road to Change

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Speaking on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx in a seminar on ‘ Socialism and Challenges today’ at Chak Simra, Ghoorpur, on (May 5) UP Secretary of CPI(ML) ND, Ashish Mital said Marxist theory of social change through class stands completely proven today with 73% of India’s income being cornered by 1% of the people and as Marx said of capitalist crises “the forest of arms demanding work grows thicker and thicker while the arms themselves grow thinner and thinner.” This was stated in a Media Release.

He said Marxism is neither a ‘way of life’ nor a ‘spiritual pursuit’ as the current Chinese Imperialists, masquerading as market Marxists are saying. It is purely a ‘guide to action’ to change society. As Marx said, “All philosophers hitherto have only interpreted the world. The point is to change it.”

He said the deep crises in the system leading to contention for colonies, markets, and resources by big imperialist powers, the subservience of third world country rulers before foreign ‘investors’, read ‘exploiters’, the intensifying uprooting of native populations by giant MNCs in search of new profit sources, the political decadence of religious fundamentalism, communal and caste attacks on the weak and meek, the absurd irrelevance of elected institutions and Parliament in resolving peoples’ problems and the fascistisation of state machinery and police, all point to the need for change, it was informed.

As Marx said, ‘Class struggle’ remains the only known “engine of social change” and for that the working class, peasantry and all patriotic classes in India ‘Need to overthrow the ruling state machinery to build Socialism’. He criticized revisionist forces for propagating electoral to these grave political problems before the working people.

He explained that Marxism is a science of social change which developed with Dialectical and Historical Materialism of Marx and Engels, was advanced with Russian fighting ‘Imperialism’ through ‘proletarian and national liberation struggles’ and was further developed in China with development of “New Democratic Revolution’ by all anti-feudal, anti-imperialist classes and the attempt to fight against ‘Captalist roaders’ during ‘Socialist Construction’. While the last task needs to be further developed, it stands testimony to the Marxist principle that “All History is a history of class struggles’.

The seminar was inaugurated by senior socialist and PUCL leader OD Singh, several members asked searching and the proceedings were summed up by Vijay Chitori. Com. Heeralal conducted the proceedings while Munna Rahi sang revolutionary songs for martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the , the media release added. 

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