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Taming the Storm

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An enigmatic love poem by Anoucheka, exclusively for Different Truths.

Sang the maiden’s heart
Is this what love is all about?
It feels like,
A storm brews in my heart
All the time
Shall it gather enough strength
It shall heave lands off their soils,
It shall rip foundations off their stabilities,
It shall burst security off its protectiveness
Will cause,
In the very end,
Those who surround me,
To suffer,
In utmost agony!

Is this what love is all about?
the storm somersaults in me
Trampling over my sensitivity
Pricking my fragility with its icy swords
Threatening to wake in me
My own conceited monster
A monster destructive enough
To kill
And to laugh at the corpse!

Pray, whispered the maiden
To her empty room
Love is what has been willed to me by the skies
Love is here,
At arm’s reach
Love is there,
Where the creepers of my soul
Can never reach
I dare not open my mouth
And share with him,
That song,
Sung to me by the skies
That song,
Binding us both together
That song,
Recounting a past life,
Connected to which shall be
Our next one!

Sang the maiden’s heart
Is this what love is all about?
The storm brews for now
As one stoic islander
Stranded on a desert island
I can still find enough will in me
To face it
At least,
For now!

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