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Spirit of Nature

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An evocative Nature poem by Ashok, exclusively for Different Truths.

She took us in her lap as mothers do
Feed us sweet relish as sweet as honey
Generous as friendly as mother
Here is paradise in the range of hills

Ears dance under thundering clouds
Peace and love under a clump of trees
Soul dance in the sweet soft breeze
A flock of birds sing songs of life

Happy people and sweet soul of mine
Far, far from greed and ignorance
Hearing my soul, the songs of rivers
Softly, softly beams of sun dancing

Let eyes taste the beauty of this bride
Feeling myself as harbinger as pride
Ah soul is as free as the air
Her experiences are rare

As selfish as leader not I’m
Awakened by eternal joys
Sailing in the river of wisdom
Peace is ultimate goal of mine

And the eternal everlasting unborn soul
Divine music with rhythm and rhyme
Ah the spring days of thine
And the spiritual clouds

Wonderful blooming flowers
Make us lover of this beautiful bride
O! Might I wander here in this paradise
The dream which I saw is completed

Welcome the dawn everyday
Among the wonderful world of birds
The song of nightingale surprised
Full of Love full of stars and full of rhythm and rhyme

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