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Spinning Words Weaving Poetry

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Rupa verses about the dynamics of poetry, exclusively for Different Truths.

Thoughts, feelings, emotions in intensity unheard
Penned on paper rushing gush of tumbling words

Expressing oasis of experiences that momentarily touched
Visualising kaleidoscope of caressing colours near-discoloured

Words cradling thoughts turning ecstasy to Niagara of tears
Break free emotions lurking deep in loving unfounded fears

Poetry oft is pathos of innocence not necessarily in meter
Fickle nostalgic vision complexicating poets dream as reader

Unstoppable vocabulary unverifiable by Oxford dictionary
Inaccurate by grammatical standards of Wren and Martin

Sewing short long stories steeped in simplicity
Wordy punches are lovingly laboured in paucity
Poetry is an unexpressed thought telling a story
Spun with letters of emotion: happy, lusty, harsh, teary.

©Rupa Rao

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