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An evocative poem by Sudhansu, for Different Truths

He shares his self-arranged alphabets

The conventional signs that are

Not the same to others as to himself.

The feelings shared with convenient deceptions

Half said and half unsaid

Concealed under the broken breast

The words conceived from scars bleed faithfully

Inside the concrete walls of the heart

His love cannot see hope from any angle

Freedom asleep under the cold blanket

Of the errorless sin of a humble wanderer

The heart compels to weep the compassion seen in the tears

Length mocks the breadth

Breadth mocks the height

In the solitary confinement of an unseen crime

To exploit the grief.

Dark blood and cold flesh of death

Have made undone all the sighs

Of the violet face inside the blackened walls.

©DrSudhansu Dash

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