You Come

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Duska sees the individual, the lover, in nature. She transcends the small self to seek truth in
the greater self.
seek shelter
open your
but there’s no more
you on the
you know
you remain in all
you’ve loved
so there you are
in every
growing together
yoked by sunlight
trough now the
is no longer a
but a dry
grass blade no
cloud approaches.

©Duška Vrhovac

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Duška Vrhovac, poet, writer, journalist and translator from Banja Luka, ex-Yugoslavia, graduated from the Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University. She has published 20 books of poetry, which have been translated, in more than 20 languages. She is one of the most important contemporary poets from Serbia. She has received important awards for poetry and the gold medal for the ‘generosity, dedication, perseverance and creative contributions… made to spread the culture of the nationalities of the Republic of Serbia’.