You are my Country

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Claims and counter-claims have muddled the distinction between patriots and anti-nationals. In the wake of the JNU controversy, allegations are flowing thick and fast. Here’s a poem by a citizen-poet, Dr Ampat.

You are my country
I love you because
Even if I betray you
When I do
Every time                                                                            
You (will) still love me
Being my mother
wife, sister, daughter
lover and friend
never bidding adieu
You are my foundry
I kiss you
and love it
when you call it sedition
sedition never felt so sweet
I make love to you
and love it when you
call me anti-national
and act coy and shy
I know you want me to
break on through
break on through
to the other side                                                                                    
I’m pressing on
to the higher calling
of treason and betrayal
and treachery
in you to hide
in you to bide
You are the fire
my castings to refine
I love your soft weapons
I love your army
of rich delights
I will fight for you
to kill any terrorist
who wishes to steal from me
your fine repasts
No neighbour shall lay
a hand on you
None. Will I let them
touch a hair of you?
No. I want to
live in you
come in you
and die in you
I am your spy
I am ready to take you
have you, enjoy you
My country. You.

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  1. Hasmukh mehta 3 years ago

    Different entity

    At the same time
    I shall advocate it as to be crime
    To speak about braking into pieces
    It is an act of cowardice

    Let snakes head be crushed
    And pushed too far
    For raising banner against peaceful country
    And dreaming about different entity

  2. A seductively sweet seditious poem. Much better to love a country thus than destroy it with a lust for bloodshed.

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