When Death Knocked at my Door…

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An evocative poem about the final journey, by Sarala, exclusively for Different Truths.

When death knocked at my door

I got dressed very fast

In my finest attire

Wearing beautiful fragrant

flowers in my hair and

splashed lovely perfume

on my body

Which is going to be

ashes in a while!

I coyed

I smiled

I embraced him

with fervent desire

to take me in his

loving arms

He extended his mighty arms

and I felt ecstatic

In his loving grip

so tight and loving!

I closed my eyes

He kissed me

I soared high

Leaving my body

My soul floating

Above the clouds

Everything calm

Everything sublime

I entered heaven

with sweet songs

on my lips!

©Sarala Balachandran

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Sarala Balachandran was working with an import-export organisation in the administrative department for 38 years. She retired eleven years back. Married, with two sons aged 43 and 36, she took interest in writing recently. She writes free verses.