What is It About You That I Love the Most?

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An intense sensuous and erotic love poem, by Meenakshi, for Different Truths.

Your eyes, which open you to me

The mirror of your soul that tells me when you have mischief on your mind

And the deepest sorrows too

Your eyes which see deep into my soul and when they lock into mine, I’m yours


Or those lips on which the mischievous smile flirts in and out?

When they part to whisper to me, I know they have touched my deepest recesses

The deep voice that drips heavy with honey

And can melt my soul and yet churns my insides?


I love those long arms that encircle me and hold me close

Your fingers curling around mine

As they flirt and tease and pull me close

These arms which clench into large sledgehammers

And yet are gentle when you place them over my shoulder


Or maybe the deep chest which blankets me and comforts me on cold nights

Listening to the sound of your steady breathing knowing that you are at peace and everything is okay

Or maybe I love the sharp breaths that you draw when you are turned on

With each quickening breath and pause, I’m turned on as well


I think I love your ticklish parts, your sides and your toes

They bring the child in you and you roar with laughter

I love playing with your feet, massaging them and teasing you

Those large feet, strong and balanced

And yet so delicate and sensitive


I think now I know why I love you so

You are hard on the outside and mushy on the inside

And I love the strength and the vulnerability equally

That’s what makes you human

And that’s what makes me love you more!


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Meenakshi is an alternative therapist/ healer, recruitment freelancer, volunteer at the Spastics Society of Karnataka, works for a women-centric NGO, Durga, and an entrepreneur. Recently she started an enterprise in association with some weavers, in sarees and accessories. Writing poetry, prose, articles and short stories is her favourite pastime. A keen observer of life, she gets her inspiration from everyday situations, and people that make her canvas come alive with their lives, styles and emotions.