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A soulful poem by Tripti. Water is the most dynamic element of nature. It teaches us adaptation, without any shape or color it can adjust anywhere, take any colour…yet we cannot take it for granted, for as easily as it gives life, it can take it away in one strong and sure sweep!

Why did you deprive her so!
Longing for you she died,
Rejected by you she died,
Accepting this she died,
You are life;
Yet to live
She had to part with you,
And you turned her away,
You never came her way,
Till one day fate took her away!
Oh water!
Why did you deprive her so…

I have seen you flow,
So free downhill,
No trace of repugnance,
No malice, no condemnation.
No colour,
No shape,
You accept with poise,
You reflect with grace.                                                
You reject none,
You accept none.
You are so fair,
To all you dare!
While splashing in the pool,
Or jumping in the puddle.
While lapping on the shores,
Or seeping through our doors.
You sparkle everywhere,
Like an oasis somewhere!

You wash away our agonies,
You calm our silent cravings.
You make us so clean,
You are the pearl that gleans.
The irresistible tease,
You romance on some days,
Then you overflow
And drown on other days.
How you spurned in the drought!
The relief only your touch brought!

I saw your anger in the tsunami waves,
I felt your wrath on the Himalayan caves.
You reacted worse,
Did we encroach on your turf?
But yet you calmed,
Though many you damned.
We still pray for you,
Our remains flow with you;
Your generosity abounds,
Your divinity astounds,
Thirsty for you she died,
Craving for you she died,
Oh water!
Why did you deprive her so…

*Note: This poem is in memory of my mother, a kidney failure patient, who left this world craving for water. I dedicate this poem to all such patients who in order to stay alive, ironically need to sacrifice that drop of water which we call life! (From my book on poems, The Dewdrops… A Journey Begins)

©Tripti Sharan

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Tripti is a practising gynaecologist at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi. Many of her writings are influenced by the pain and suffering she sees as a doctor. Her forthcoming book ‘The Chronicles of a Gynaecologist’ is being published by Bloomsbury India. She also has an anthology of poems,‘The Dewdrops..a journey begins’. She contributes poems and stories to many publications.