Vintage Love

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An evocative love poem by Smita.

We’ve finished with every trick in the bag.

If someone watches closely, almost like a halo,

Calm, radiates around us.

The meaning of excitement has changed.

It’s no longer arousal, sea-food, heavy metal . . .

We’re happy with dim lights, hand-holding,

The live band crooning, “I just called to say

I love you . . .”

Long drives in our Innova over

Tricky mountain terrain,

Arriving, at an isolated spot,

Granting us an unrestricted view of

Trishul, Nanda Devi, Panchachuli . . .

A clear winter sky, the strong

Sun pumping us with warmth,

And you, pleading –

“Let’s stay a while longer,

Please, please, please . . .”

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