Unrequited Love/Mistakes

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Unrequited Love

An intense and evocative love poem by Tatjana.

Forget what I’ve said.

It’s something nasty again.

Sharp word has freefalling.

We have been long on these tracks,

Huge steps, heavy memories,

Through endless weeds.

We defied the storms,

Searching for oneself.

Unsuccessful trying, my love,

Do not go to local colours.

Forget what I’ve told you,

Unrequited love…

© Tatjana Debeljački


In this material world, mistakes are too costly. Here’s a dark poem by Tatjana.

We no longer remember the mistake,
our house started to crumble down,
add one spark more.
Do you want to be honoured for your efforts and fire?
Did we feel anything at all?
Though we were born…

The dying inside seems the worst,
dying out slowly…

© Tatjana Debeljački

Illustration by: Dragoljub Djuričić

English translation: Danijela Milosavljević


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