Unfinished Love

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Here’s a poignant poem from Sehar. The metaphors of the tree and mountains are powerful.


Tonight, as I sit down to write a few verses,

The ink in the inkpot seems too red,

The grey sky looks too dark,

And the tree outside my window seems too sad tonight.

I look at the tree and ask, “What makes you sad, my friend,”

The answer is lost mid way; the wind brings to me some moisture

And I well know the reason.

A few hundred miles away, a rugged mountain sleeps away in oblivion

Unaware of the dreams and desires of this tree

Uprooted, detached, lost, the tree stands alone, yet strong in a place, so unknown

The darkness of the night makes it look like a desolate creature

But tomorrow, when the sun shines brightly and the birds fly around it chirping with glee

The lonely tree would again turn into a cool shade, a cosy home and a thing of beauty

But, Alas! Will ever a passerby look into the insides of the tree and find the desolate creature,

yearning to meet its rugged mountain one day…


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Sehar is a communication skills trainer, she has good experience in writing on various issues. She is a blogger, book writer and enthusiastic traveller. A native of Allahabad, she believes in experiencing the small things of life in a big way. Sehar likes to work in groups and learn new things. Her motto is to enjoy life in small packets.