Uber Uber Ban Ban, AI set to Rule the World, Shah Rukh gets the Moon, Khichdi Promo, and Hookah Bar

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A far-right activist was banned from ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft after launching into a vitriolic anti-Muslim tirade in the wake of the New York terrorist attack. Stephen Hawking feels that robots (AI) will eventually replace humans completely. SRK, who celebrated his birthday on Friday (Nov. 3) owns several acres of land on Moon. The government is all set to promote Khichdi as Brand India food. In Delhi, restaurants and hookah bars, are serving nicotine in the name of herbal hookah, says Shail, reviewing some news last week, in her regular column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Uber Uber Ban Ban


Public service –

auto, bus, train, cab

now becomes a racist human drab.

An unified human transport

goes for a six, more so the Uber cab

as right wing journalist

accuses Uber for delaying conference

for not driving enough ‘non-Muslim cabs.’

Uber not taking this jab

lightly bans a racist

for calling all Muslim cab drivers ‘terrorists.’

What the world has come to?

A rotten apple somewhere influences thoughts,

slashes religious beliefs, all for self-obsessed views

of God’s laws they themselves know not true.

What of the sane, educated crowd

that knows to think well, judge logically?

Why then, this racism that puts to shame

humanity; oh! What a selfish, sadist game!

AI set to Rule the World


Not far away, that day

when artificial intelligence takes sway;

robots created by men

will eventually, ‘outperform humans’

says renowned physicist Stephen Hawking

indicating life ahead is not a song everyone can sing.

AI just waiting to be created, bred

to replicate, improve itself until

life would need humans no more;

they would just be shown the door

when there are more competent beings

to do the job, to rule the system;

a sad state then of the till now dominating ‘humandom.’

Earth too small to inhabit the ever growing population

Hawking states, places, planets needed to be colonized

for human inhabitation.

Is then the fear of AI justified

like doomsday that people predict?

Are we foolishly waiting the human brain

to create an AI bomb like World War replicas

to dotard, diminish, destroy human life?

The self-destruction scare,

prevent us not from doing things, to dare,

to bring humankind to a place it should actually be-

caring, creating not claustrophobic living.

Until that happens, let’s work for the social good.

because society is us, we are part of the human band.


Shah Rukh gets the Moon


“I’ll get you the moon” the man tells his lover

unaware there would be a day when part of the moon

would be gifted to him for free

like selectively sweet mangoes from a tree.

Gone mad, is he? you might ask

but these vast acres of lands not bought by him,

not even by an Indian; an Australian fan

with love overflowing from all her heart

gifts him a land piece on the moon a year apart

when the actor turns older

as if to remind him his days of acting on earth numbered;

he needs to spread his wares elsewhere!

With already a crater named after him

owning plots on the moon seemed just the right thing,

not a passing whim!

Khichdi Promo


The last dish I would want to eat

when there are innumerable tasty ones around

the khichdi or khicri very easily found.

Being promoted as Brand India Food

symbolising ‘unity in diversity’

the dish stretches across the country.

Rice and lentils, simple, nutritious, 

every mother prepares in times of need,

to her hungry unwilling child she does feed!

Children, guests to eat the grand 800kg khichdi

prepared by Super Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

at the World Food India event.

Present in spirit for a time best spent

eating the Brand India Food – khichdi!

Hookah Bar


A hangover of Raja-Maharaja times

still wishing to smoke the hookah

in a more improvised version though,

not far away from the smoke of royalty

hoping to seep into our ordinary junta genes.

“We aren’t smoking guys; it’s shisha –

a cool way to hang out, to pass time;

you wouldn’t know, past your prime.”

Is it?

Then, how is it you want to use an instrument

of the cave man to show off to your smoky indulgent friends

who in the name of herbal smoke

take deep nicotine drags within?

How cool would it be to know

that the ‘chilling down’ herbal hookah

is taking you faster to your grave?

Not me, the court says so.

Restaurants, bars have found loophole dough.

Closing down soon for violating norms.

Be wary, the hookah is smoking up a bar storm!


©Shail Raghuvanshi

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