Tolling Time

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An intense poem by Sumita about her father, in Different Truths.

He was the most handsome

Once upon a time.

Broad shoulders, carved biceps;

A high diving gymnast

Twirling thrice in air

Once upon a time.

His calloused palm

Smoothing my head,

That rare praise, lost

Amidst skirmishes, for

A rebellious daughter

Was I.

Face cadaverous he sleeps

Dentures out, mouth caved in;

Walker, wheelchair, under-pads,

Medicines, knee-brace, shoulder-guard,

The calibrated jar – his urinal

Populate his room, awaiting

His attention, as I once did.

Busy wrapping my work,

I scan the years –

Once scrambling over wet rocks

I’d found a precarious perch

Over a deep thundering waterfall

And waved in triumphant response

To my name, his terrified scream.

I listen for his hoarse call now,

His embarrassed, helpless need…

Time has tolled; I’m his loving mother now,

And he’s my proud recalcitrant son.

©Sumita Dutta

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