To Communicate, Connect, and Grow!

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Here’s an evocative verse from a teacher, in Different Truths.

While teaching skills of communication at some university,

Came across a bevy of gems, whose teacher I was to be.

As they mastered skills of presentations, interviews, GD’s and CVs.

I got tutored in some amazing life lessons from these students of me:

To communicate, connect, and grow.

Each one of them a brand ambassador of some virtue, Dale Carnegie advocated in his “How to…” series.

Empathy, ease of learning, inquisitiveness, teamwork, and a dosage of humour, made their innocence glow.

If traits were transplanted in discontent – brewing, commercial units, named Schools.

No Pradyuman or Nirbhaya was breached.

Instead, groom the inherent goodness of a child.

And schools and homes to selflessly provide lessons in humanities along with science.

©Manjinder Wratch ‘MannSlarjang’

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Manjinder Kaur Wratch, scribbles the jottings of her heart under the pen name, MannSlarjang. An academic, critic and a doctoral scholar, she is working on Partition literature from University of Jammu. Recipient of Maulana Azad National Fellowship, she has contributed more than twenty research papers for certain critical anthologies and reputed journals – national and international. Her study areas include Business English and Communication Skills, Literary Criticism, Film Studies, and Indian Writing in English and Translation.