The Young Widow of Benaras

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Here’s a heart-wrenching tale of a young widow of Benaras by Sarala, in Different Truths.


The young widow in white attire

Wrapped around carelessly

hardly married for six months

Sitting under the shade of a banyan tree

In the most sacred place of Benaras

Lost in her own little world of no hope

Tears rolling down her sallow cheeks

Forced by her own parents

To beg for her living whole life!

Her dreams died a young death

When her young groom

was crushed under the

wheels of a truck while returning home!

No compromise came forward

In keeping her at home, sweet home

Bcoz she is a bad omen to the house!

Oh dear Lord when will you

wipe out this superstition

prevailed for years and years

forcing the young widows

to beg for her food to attain


She sat and cried for days

no tears left to shed

looking into the abyss of deep sorrow!

A young man came by

Offered her food and wrapped her

With new colourful clothes

She looked at him with her sad eyes

He fell in love with her innocence

at the age of sweet seventeen 

and said do you want a new life?

She forgot she was a widow

as her childlike heart leaped with joy

They both walked hand in hand

to the surprise of awestruck widows nearby forced to go through begging!

They entered into a solemn wedlock

With no priests nor chanting of mantras

to live a life of sacred love 

calling off the word superstition

from their life!

©Sarala Balachandran

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