The Valiant Ones

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Lily pays tribute to teachers in a poem, as a special feature, in Different Truths.   

They are the valiant ones 

Teaching life by leading 

Holding hands as toddlers 

Walking you through the woods 

Putting smiles on faces

Frowning at your insecurities 

Boosting up sagging spirits 


They are the valiant ones 

Showing you a mirror 

While lighting up your path

Instructing when you fumble 

Patting you on your back 

When life is bewildering 

And all is in disarray 


They are the valiant ones 

Numbers and alphabets 

Form into legible shapes 

Fiction, poetry, criticism,

Theorems, equations, formulae, 

History, geography, sociology –  

All a teacher’s benevolence  

©Lily Swarn

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