The Pauper and his Princess

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Here’s a poignant ballad from Padmini. She weaves an enchanting story.

He was a trash picker, a vagabond
That came to pick pieces at odd hours
One day his eyes befell on a maiden
Near a window afar
Their gazes met
God sent destiny whispered amen
She a pretty princess
Chained to her wheel chair
And he a shabby godforsaken guy
Free as a lark with muscular wings…

The story repeated day after day
Sun or rain
None spoke a word though
Both gullible and naïve                                                             
As though cast by a magic spell
They both remained silent
Till one day
The damsel tossed a paper ball
That straight hit his chin
He saw her drop her shawl…

On it was scribbled
‘I am paralyzed it seems
Lost my voice and limbs
Caged since time came into being
Can you free me from my sin?
It would be risky I know
The guards may hound you though
But you can come around the other way
When most of them would be dead asleep!’

On the moon lit night
When the doves were mating light
He came over like her knight
It was indeed a delightful sight
The moment he touched her hand
She felt something churning inside
Yes, the nerves and muscles
Began working alright
As he draped her body
She felt completely dry inside…

Their moist lips met
They kissed each other
Her bosom heaved with celestial delight
They made love like hungry man and bride            
‘I am married dad
To the man who gave me
A new lease of life
Allow us to stay with my prince
He is worthier than your own kith & kin’.

The king amazed by this wondrous sight
Was so overwhelmed with sheer delight
He blessed the couple
And declared them man and wife
This is what we say
Is the true power
When love is set ablaze
Miracles no longer remain mere myths
Dreams take a shape in light!

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Padmini Dutta Sharma authored five books and has been reviewed widely in the international media. She has also been interviewed by several TV channels. A Master’s in English Literature, she started her career as a journalist and worked in the field of corporate communications at senior positions for few years. She runs a consultancy firm. She is a human right activist and hosts shows on social counseling in various television channels.