The Mahatma

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Here’s a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi by Eswar, on his 148th birth anniversary, in Different Truths.

Non-violence his language

Truth his identity

Experimentation his life

His life his teachings


A weapon none used

Sharper than the sharpest

A body so frail

Stronger than the strongest


Leading by example

Practising before he preached

An inspiration to a nation

A Mahatma to the world.

©Eswar Anandan

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Eswar Anandan’s mother’s traverse with Cancer opened his eyes and thoughts about the life outside the glass cubicles. In his own words: “Strong emotions gave way to words, words took poetic form, and I found a new purpose…” His first book, ‘Seasons’ is a dedication to her. He is currently working on ‘Thoughts in Silence’ and ‘Story of a Nation’. Eswar is an entrepreneur and Friends of Tibet Campaigner.