The Full Moon in the Dark

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An evocative poem, celebrating nature, by Ayub, exclusively for Different Truths.

The ocean was destined to dance,

But what happened to the moon! 

Whose evil eye has caught

The full moon of fourteenth night,

Bordered by the black clouds.

O! Night,

Open your eyes,

See for a while,

Beyond the seashore,

The old ocean is frozen

Into an angle of its dance,

And waits for,

Bring out the moon out of your darkness,

Bid the stars

To come out of the curtain of the clouds,

Just for a while

They should show the rhythmic pattern of classical dance,

Just for a while,

Arrange the galaxy,

Of twinkling stars in the eyeful sky,

For the old ocean is impatient to dance.

Moon Painting – The Ocean, The Moon And The Stars by Bert Munoz
©Ayub Khawar

Photos from the Internet

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