The Dancing Bees

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An evocative poem about nature by Ritambhara, exclusively for Different Truths.

The first bloom of the season

The blossoming flowers in their utmost beauty

 The beauty that is to be cherished, a feast to the eyes

A feast for the squandering bees

O’ what a beautiful day it is, quells the little bee

Beaming around in utter joy

The little bee is there to fill every heart with merriment

A new wave of joy spreads among those in a twilight

They see their lovely past in the innocence of the young ones

The innocence that makes them flip-flop from one flower to the other

Dancing in merriment the little bees invoke the same joy in others

These wandering souls make others dance with them

Not only the bees, but the birds and tiny tots join the merriment

O’ darling spring why don’t you stay forever?

The spring replies, change is the only constant in nature you must understand

Learn to dance in the rain, the snow or the simmering sun

Merriment is a choice you shouldn’t ignore

Avail every chance to enjoy and see the beauty in all its might.

©Ritambhara Kumari Upadhyay

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