The Caste of Cars

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Here’s a social commentary and protest through the caste of cars, by Elsy, exclusively for Different Truths.

Cars are moulded in many casts,
and they have their castes too.

Some are upper caste,
some middle, and some lower.

Some are sleek in style,
some hefty, some hatchback.

Left-hand drives are there,
so are, right-hand drives.

Some have manual gears,
others have hidden gears.

They have their jargon too,
not easy to figure out.

All cars have four wheels,
but all are not four-wheel drive.

Like, all mothers are women,
but all women are not mothers.

Some are all-wheel drive,
many are two wheel drive.

Some, four wheel drive,
some rear wheel drive.

Yet all cars have four wheels,
sounds like an enigma?

Consult car pundits
to decode the jargon.

Then there are some smart cars
beckoning from the Future!

They too have four wheels,
but are not four-wheel drive.

They are so smart that
they are the self-wheel drive.

The car won’t let you drive,
it drives itself on all fours.

You sit in, like a scarecrow,
warding all evil eyes off.

You sit all alert too, like a crow,
in case the car strikes work!

Till reaching a destination,
in the smart car with four wheels,
you sit alert, like a crow
and a scarecrow rolled into one!

Once at the destination, it is all pride
beaming on your face
as though you drove the car,
and not vice versa!

©Elsy Satheesan

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Elsy Satheesan is a retired Professor of English. She had been teaching in colleges under the Govt. of Kerala, India. Currently, she resides in Virginia, USA. ‘Random Musings’ is her first volume of poems. ‘Summer Snow’, is the forthcoming one. Her poems have been published in national and international anthologies. Short stories in Malayalam have been published in weekly and fortnightly, in Kerala. Humanity is her religion, and poetry, her passion.