The Age of Seasons

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Sudeshna celebrates nature through the myriad moods of seasons in these verses.


Young shoots spruce up dressed                                
In their verdant green
Radiant in resplendent
Daubed and splashed on
The crisp in the air heralds
The newness all around
Birth and rejuvenation
Fresh around straggly ground


With the brashness of youthful demeanor                                            
Hot blooded and bold paramour
The heat of the virile kiss
Vigorously vaporizes to mist
Sultry wind torridly blow
Raising dust high and low
Dazzling throughout the fierce day
The heart thirsts for calming ways


The Rains

The pregnant clouds cluster the sky                        
Quenching the parched by and by
Showering love
Carried by the wind sublimely
The trials and hurdles
Wash away in puddles
Clap of thunder frowns
Frivolity perkiness drowns


Yellow russet and brown                                                    
Frame its mature crown
Wisdom paves the way for sure
Immune to volatile overtures
Realizing that the end is near
Awaits the future without fear
One by one they fall and tear
Settles down shorn and bare


The processes become drear and slow
Stillness wrapped shrouds blow                                        
Stark barren their pallor darkens
Gnarled gaunt bent and weakened
The frozen cold overpowers
Snow frost and covers
The Icy Hand lays bare
hints and dares.

© Sudeshna Mukherjee

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Sudeshna Mukherjee was born in Kolkata but grew up in the beautiful Jharkhand (Ranchi) and it was here that she learnt to admire and appreciate Nature. Educated from Loreto Convent and St Xavier’s College, she majored in Economics. She always contributed articles and stories for magazines. Post marriage she moved to Mumbai, a cultural melting pot – here she observed, absorbed and assimilated. Sensitive and emotional, her journey in her Poemotions continues to grow…