Ten Shades of Forbidden Clay: Nishiddho Pallis

Lovita pays her homage to the goddesses, Durga, Kali and Laxhmi, as we worship the goddess of wealth, today. Here’s an intense poem, a social commentary, exclusively in Different Truths.

In ten shades of clay, Why we cannot be the ten-handed Warrior Goddess?
Who will become priest, potter, idol maker?
When Demonic forces enter the dharma of my deeds, Screams of Victory of good over evil.
Where will my potter seek ‘Punya Maati’
Like every priest and idol makers beg for land from her land at Kumartoli,
Holy earth’s body brothel, holy! Time’s drama unveils at the doorstep of the forbidden heaven,
Faces of both hypocrisy and society; In search of energy, potency,
seek intensely a handful of fire and force of fortitude from the forbidden Nishiddho Pallis,
To make ten shades of Warrior Goddess’s divine faces; and might for fatal fight to end evil, hypocrisy,
Mahishasur was another ad hominem name of displaced divinity;
Tales of yore not yet a myth, of malign and molest of dignity.
My potter is an idol maker,
To make her warrior goddess the Invincible One;
A fierce form of warring Mahishasura-Mardini, Buffalo demon slayer.
My potter mixed mud from the banks of the Ganga,
cow urine, cow dung, and soil from Nishiddho Pallis;
The sacred idol of Goddess Durga is ready to fight filth,
In my Potter’s land, Kumortuli; clay idols of gods and goddesses and the Society.
To maketh names out of Nishiddho Pallis, ten shades of clay etched out into 108 names;
Skandamata, Kushmanda, Shailaputri, Kaalratri,
Mahmacharini, Chandraghanta, and Siddhidatri
Still, my potter’s warrior goddess finds no home on earth, never a nameplate,
They still are called sluts and in best of their slangs,
Yet, quietly, my potter’s warrior goddess attains self-sacrificing solemnity.
Chakra spins the wheel of auspicious time, Ashtami’s hunger for auspiciousness; Rages of fatal fights,
Screams of Victory of Good over Evil, for every right;
conch sheds its shell, bell rings, all-powerful throw,
Her ten hands become the sharp edges of Scimitar, Shield, Trident, Bow, and Arrow.
His warrior Goddess mounts on Lion bodied force,
Wuthering winds of fortress of faith, invincible, beyond reach; demon-slaying goddess,
Mahishasura is the form and difficulties of strategy;
War dance of warrior goddess in quiet ecstasy.
Umbilicated Navratras, every woman is worshipped as a goddess, Yet it’s showy: it’s hypocrisy.
My potter is an idol maker, Made this warrior goddess a love mark;
As a mark of respect to those women, downtrodden, humiliated by society, you and me.
Dussehra, Vijayadashami fireworks of Victory;
Immersed into the womb of Brahmaputra, warrior goddess’s melting body;
Intimate bond, Dark mother goddess’s accidental notes of musical creations rapt in Rhapsody,
How fierce faith, feather a nest of fearfulness and fearlessness of fights, Durga is Kali-
Goddess born out of goddess, rhadamanthine in Divine, bravery’s celebrated fame,
Tongue licks dry the blood-seed salve, salvaging, savagery flow of blood-rivers of original oriflamme,
Durga is Kali, Durga in Kali
Golden harvest vanquishing, triumphal return of well-being as goddess of wealth, born out of mother Laxmi,
Made of ten shades of forbidden clay: Nishiddho Pallis.

©Lovita J R Morang

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