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In this love poem, Elsy talks about the paradoxes of life and her calling as a poet, in Different Truths. An evocative poem that would linger on.

Strength is my weakness,
and weakness, my strength.

In me the strong and weak
go hand in hand.

But that is my weakness,
I cannot cry where
others would wail!

When it comes
to voicing emotions
I encounter a block.

To me love unexpressed is a gem
sparkling in silky silence.

We do not have to be told
that we are loved,
love is a wordless feeling,
which is divine,
and which we can divine.

It is an articulate emotion
that waxes eloquent in silence.

It is hardy, like iron,
oft bared, it gets rusty.

Love is wordlessly etched
in the niche of hearts.

Heart is a Braille slate,
we read it with our fingers,
voiced words
are redundant there.

When self-disdain
about blocked emotions
begins to blister me
I take refuge in words.

Words are my panacea,
poetry, my penance.

©Elsy Satheesan

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