Somewhere in the Midst, I Lost my Voice…

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A gender sensitive poem, by Ritambhara, that depicts the over-protectiveness for girls that stifle her, and how she overcame it, in .

Since my ,

To blossom like a flower, I was given space

Was admonished for all my

Dauntlessly I can express, I was encouraged

I am a little wonder and I can do wonders, I was taught


But, somewhere in the midst someone pretended to hold my hand

Somewhere in the midst, I stopped to think

Somewhere in the midst, I obliterated to

Somewhere in the midst, I lost my voice

Somewhere in the midst, I forgot to live

The can only cripple you suddenly I realised

In the midst of quagmire, I learned to spread my wings

In the midst of predicaments, I met the with open arms and open eyes

Aloft the world I stood.

Somewhere again I found myself…

©Ritambhara Kumari Upadhyay

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A Panjab University, IIT- Roorkee, and IIRS-ISRO alumnus, academician, and researcher, Ritambhara is a writer by choice. Her passion for reading and writing has impelled her to foray into the world of writing. As a freelance writer and editor, she loves to pen-down whatever comes to her mind. She staunchly believes, “Truth doesn’t admit any impediments.”