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Here’s a woman-centric poem by Madhumita, for Different Truths.

Her heart is full of aches and pains

Her mind surrounded with clutter

From the outside world, utter

Grief, un-reined thoughts and confusion

Full of impatience and irritation

She sits in a stony silence

Shrouded in a veil of depression.


Her life falls in shreds around her

Like the bud ripped apart in the

Turbulent storm and the raindrop shower

The path she chose to tread so full

Of trust & love & confidence

Led her nowhere but to hurts, wounds, fright

And wear and tear of her conscience.


She staggers and struggles

On the thorns and the painful pebbles

Searching for the lost road to

Her near and dears, for all

The places, memories and people

So full of love, trust, joy and

Purity of the heart, that is as clear as crystal.


Experiences make her tread back

She is weak, unable to fight

Any more battle or struggle

Tears well in her eyes as she

Fights the temptation

To sit, pull away from the surreal

And forever rest in her Mom’s arm cradle.


The salt in her tears blur her vision

As she feels the emptiness within

The weariness and shadows of time gone by

She is unable to trace her purpose

Or her life’s definition, she reflects

On her perceptions of the right & wrong

As her soul yearns for emancipation.


She tries to clear the cobwebs of confusion

Frustrations and the demons of time

Too weak to fight the storm, failing relations

And her hurting emotions

With not a strong shoulder to lean on

She wants the journey to shorten

And everything around her to darken.


Will there be her loved one to walk along her side

To help her find the courage to give a tough fight

Will she overcome the weariness of her soul,

And traverse the long journey of life

Will she chase away the darkness?

And bravely face the dawn, as before

With immense love, trust and eagerness.


Who will be her friend forever?

Walking with her, helping her stand

When she’s weary, with her hand in hand

Filling up the emptiness with cheer &happiness

Helping her to find her path,

Lending her strength, guiding towards her destination,

And help her take the small steps to decisiveness.


Oh! She is a fighter brave,

She will stand up and walk ahead

Win all battles and win over hearts

Will fill all lives with love and joy

Colour them and make them vibrant

Engulf all and one with her care and warmth

Reach out to all from within her heart

Her centre that houses love, devotion

Where thrive faith, trust and all beautiful emotions…

©Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar

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