People Pleaser

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This poem operates at several levels. It’s about a person and India’s future. Shalini asks us to treat him Gently, with loving care. This poem, in Different Truths, transcends the individual realms deftly.

Have you seen that lonely Indian man
Disguised in colourful coats – the people pleaser
Neither his friends knew, who he is.
Nor his family or relatives knew his fake world
Pleasing everyone he meets, he says crores of lies.
Is he a liar? Amidst these controversies who is he?

He too had a dream, he too wanted to live like you and me
His life got a new meaning, when he met that dream girl
who could pierce through his inner being of truth
she removed his disguise, she made him love himself
With her, he was what he wanted to be, he was himself
He wanted to have her for his life, for she was his life

Too possessive, he grabbed her tight,
In fear he wished to chain her, he was scared
like other betraying humans, she too will go away
his devil mind counseled– yes, she too abandoned him
the fairy angel of his life, his last hope flew away, afar
Losing everything, stuck in an unknown plane, his heart yells

Walking back to the fake world, he calls it practical life
If ever you meet him, show him love and goodness of life
Treat him not harshly, with hatred, cheating and betrayal
Don’t trash talk, he is India’s future, we need him
Whenever he makes you smile – look beyond – into his sacrifice
gift a heartfelt thank you, cool his burning mind, and let him live

©Shalini Samuel

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Shalini Samuel hails from Kanyakumari. She graduated in IT (2006) and did her Masters in Computer Science from Noorul Islam College of Engineering (2008), Kanyakumari. She started writing as a blogger and composed poems that was published in International journals and anthologies. She has ventured into fiction and essays too. She authored a poetry collection ‘Singing Soul’. Her passions include photography, gardening and cooking. She is eager to learn and cherish all kinds of writing.