Pain and Pleasure

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An evocative erotic love poem by Meenakshi, exclusively for Different Truths.

I feel your stubble on my cheek

Your breath on my neck is warm

Your bite on my neck leaves a scar

But making love to you is all about marks

Hard and brutally you pound me

I’m holding on to you

And pleading for mercy

But you pin me down and caress me

So hard, it hurts

I scream, and you hit me more

I’m not sure when the pain

Becomes pleasure

And the pleasure becomes

A pain

The sweet longing for a lover

Is now mingled in your

Beastly passion

You are thrusting so hard

It’s pounding in my head

And yet, I want more

I’m thirsting for this

I need this passion

A passion with no boundaries

A deep longing for churning my soul

This wild, out of control passion

Is what I need to touch the deepest

Dirtiest and messiest part of my soul

I need you to show me you possess me

Claim me as yours

Reach for those deepest, darkest spaces

Within me, that call out your name

In ecstasy

Possess me, take me, take my body

Reach my soul and possess that too

I’m lying naked on the bed

Take me… To the other side

I’m thirsting for you

For your passion, your anger

Your jealousy and your need

I want you to be hungry for me

Hold me down and devour

Every part of my body

Every inch you devour is another inch

Closer to my truth

Your body on mine is heavenly

Bloodied and bruised, throbbing and drained

I will hold you close

Feel your stubble against my cheek

And whisper gently in your ear

You are mine and I am yours…


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