O! My Enemy

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An evocative poem, by Ayub, exclusively for Different Truths.


O! My enemy,

There was no route to reach you,

The wastelands of my eyes and heart

In the deep silences,

Scorching sunlight,

And profound exhaustion,

Used to search an ocean for the thirsty soul,

They inscribed their desires,

On the shade-less walls of whims.


In the dome of dark night,

They used to pick dreams

From the sleeps attributed to you,

And disclosed nothing to anyone.


O! My enemy,

There was no route to reach you,

The darkness had been in my fist,

And glow-worms in your fist,

So till now

This thirsty heart is in search of an ocean,

And asks your empty eyes for the route

To sink down in its own wilderness.


©Ayub Khawar

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Ayub Khawar is one of the most renowned contemporary poets/writers from Pakistan. He has given his remarkable services in Pakistan Television Industry. He was honored by the Pride of Performance award from the government of Pakistan. Recently, he has been awarded “Cross of Peace” 2016, “Stars of the World” 2017 award by The World Union of Poets and “World Institute of Peace” award 2017 by The World Institute of Peace Nigeria.