My Soul Twirls

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Farah is pained by the poverty and squalor on streets. She voices it in this verse.

My soul twirls and faces mistreatment

Whenever I glimpse life, living on the street

Patchy clothes, torn blankets, all alone in sight

Looking dependent on cold-rainy shivering nights

There is no hope but only blunt faces

Faces with vagrant appearances and filthy traces

Is this the witticism of that it belongs?

Or the impediments that will continue for long?

We are sheltered in a warm home with caring parents,

But what about theirs, the deadly calamities and deprivations,

We chew delectable foods and serve rest to cats and dogs

But who cares for the starvation in slum dogs

We wear a cozy attire and get warm near the furnace

But what about the penurious whom the cold chases

Why are we unaware and are beaming in our own sphere

Why are we like so, and why can’t their pain we share.

My core realises the agonies in their mind

That are fired and scars that invariably remind

The trauma, the flaw, the that speak

The innumerable marks that their reek,

Our minimal efforts can secure them from ruining

And may create a new with beautiful meaning.

©Farah Siddiqui Matin

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Farah Siddiqui Matin, born and brought up in Allahabad, is currently residing in Ireland with her scientist husband. Along with her two books ‘The Bliss of Solitude’ (2014) and ‘Like I Born in Venus’ (2015), her poems has been published in 15 anthologies, international and national magazines. She has been awarded ‘incredible women writer’. She won ‘The Best Poetess Debut Award’ (2014). Her forthcoming third poetry book is based on social issues, dedicated to Nirbhaya.