My Silence/ I Cherish a Leap of Love

Here are two poems by Sarala, in Different Truths. The first poem is inward-looking, a tribute to a mother. The second verse is an outward journey, where the poet expresses her love to people around her, including the poor and needy.

My Silence…

In my silent hours 

Sitting on the floor cool 

Inside the four walls of my room 

I delve into the gone past days 

When I was happy and gay 

No worries in life troubled my heart 

Now silence speaks to my 

Silent heart weeping for days 

No one to listen 

No one to care 

No one to tap my back 

And say don’t worry 

Missing you mother 

In your white saree bright 

And your lovely smile 

Looking down always 

Which troubled me a lot 

What’s in her mind 

I can’t fathom 

As she was simple and quiet 

Now my silence speaks 

A thousand words 

In my silent heart  

In my silent hours 

In my silent moments  

No flowers bloom 

A parched heart 

A silent heart 

My silent whispers 

My silent prayers 

Inside the silent room 

Setting sun throws some glow

In my silent moments

Just a drop of tear 

Rolled down my cheeks!

©Sarala Balachandran


I Cherish a Leap of Love

Love comes to me in leaps and bounds always to my surprise 

The reason behind this magic is I, as a human, gave lots of love to all my near and dear ones and to the needy and poor!

God saw my act so gentle as He lavished me with lots of love and blessings as He is the one who guided me in my life!

I visit Homes for the handicapped and the unwanted aged, with whatever I can afford in my purse and they hug and kiss me with all their love!

I derive a complete satisfaction from the deeds I do and heaven above showers blessings on me always!

I leap with joy when I see the other’s happiness because of my love towards them and my God is witness to my deeds and He happily smiles at me from above with showers of blessings in plentiful!

©Sarala Balachandran

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