My Service to Mankind

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 In this verse, Ashok tells us about his commitment as a poet and a person, exclusively for Different Truths.

I woke up for humanity 

I walk and walk for peace 

I learn from my knowledge 

I believe in non-violence 


I work for my humble brains 

I write for society welfare 

I teach for brotherhood 

I live my life for patience 


I worship all religions 

I love peace humanity 

I ask to tolerate for humanity 

I am against of wars 


I pray to God for human beings 

I meditate for peace of others 

I ask birds to blue unknown

I advise all for cooperation.

©Ashok Kumar

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Ashok Kumar Verma worked as a Head of the Department of English for many schools of CBSE Board. He has composed many poems in English and in Hindi. An International poet, he was awarded at national and international levels. He has written many research articles for various newspapers and research magazines. Based at Baghpat, he writes poems for World Unions of Poets Indian Parliament of Literature. He is the follower of peace, humanity and brotherhood.