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An inward looking where Maya talks about the dynamics of creativity, how it’s not easy to write about .

I wring my ,
tighten my jaw lines,
and my muscles
heave a few deep sighs.

I clear my throat,
trying to give a poem of melancholy, a shot.

I visualise,
… make a bad attempt to visualise…rather…
… all things in my life s-a- d
things that would actually make me go .

To my call,
not a tear does fall!

An obstinate,
the most wilful smile,
does my attempted mood beguile.

Damn it!
I want to write a verse of pain!

My pen, holds me, in disdain.

Why try to be in doldrums?
Why a poem of ‘would that…it were so’ …or of mums?

Why not the mental poise?
Why not rejoice?
Why to poison your lips?
Why not, in the rill of , a ?

I have heard ‘life is what you make it’:

Let me make it then!

by Matariil

by Matariil

©Maya Khandelwal

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Maya, happily married to writing, is a published author of three books- My favourite Mistake Ever, Just Zindagi and A Beautiful Mistake. She’s also co-authored I Am a Woman, a tribute to Kamala Das. She’s been a regular contributor at blogs and e- magazines like Womanatics, Bonbology, Learning and Creativity etc. A passionate lover of nature, she can commune with it for hours. Nature, in its various guises, enthrals her.